Multiple Civilian Casualties Sorted Out in a Snap by a Gas Station Worker

Rochor, Singapore – Sungei Road’s flea market was swept by a ramming car. Erik Chan was arrested by the Rochor Neighbourhood Police for causing multiple civilian injuries and car crashes. It was a complete shock for the civilians to know how a 34-year-old gas station attendant managed to settle all the damages immediately.

“It was all an accident. I was just extremely lucky” said Chan.

Our reporter, Tommy Wong, got an exclusive exchange with Chan after the incident.

“I was on my way to my girlfriend’s house to surprise her with my newly bought car. It isn’t my first time to drive but it is my first time driving through Sungei” Chan elaborated.

Sungei Road is also known as the Thieves’ Market and the area is filled with lots of street vendors.

According to Chan, he had lost control of his driving and accidentally bumped into the shopping district. Not only did he inflict several civilian injuries, but he also rammed into 2 cars! It was a nightmare of a scene according to Chan.

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“I was just glad no one was deeply injured and hurt. I apologized to everyone and I did pay for all the trouble I have caused. It was a lesson for me to always be extra careful” Chan said.

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